Who we are

Currently, we are a small group with a big idea. We are comprised of diverse people and audiences. But we will succeed when we act as one. One group of highly motivated, totally accountable individuals unified in our vision and actions.

Before Us, the End User
The only way the Netcoin cryptocurrency can succeed is if we deliver on our promises to the end-user and the crypto community as a whole. Our lifeblood is you. Without you, there is no us.

Do the Right Thing
Every decision and action is an opportunity to demonstrate our collective integrity. In that spirit, we will live up to all of our values. We will not tolerate unethical behavior. And we will support each other by doing what's right.

Innovate Relentlessly
In an ever changing tech driven scene, we must drive innovation in order to grow and to prevent others from copying our success. To that end, we will question the status quo, we will think big and we will innovate through the lens of our community. And we will be relentless in execution to make innovative thinking a reality.

Excellence, Served Daily
We will reach our potential as an cryptocurrency when we agree that good isn't good enough. In order to deliver excellence daily, we will drive continuous improvement, benchmark and implement best practices, execute sharply against goals and reward outstanding performance.

Do Well by Doing Good
We will strive to improve both the lives of our people and the communities in which we do business. We will respect people. We will embrace diversity. We will invest in our people to help them succeed. We will give back to the community. And we will be socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizens.