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Notable things regarding this chain:

+ Uses a new approach to secure hashing algorithms for the hash tree of a given block that should increase FPGA/ASIC resistance
+ After 27 coin years it employs a system of voting to manipulate the interest rate of the block chain (users act as the central bank and regulate the rate of inflation)
+ Difficulty is based on the linear weighted average of the block times for the past 18 days for PoW blocks
+ New block reward adjustment algorithm is given that yields an 8% decrease in block reward per year
+ Simple PoS design (tried to strip it of as many complexities as possible)
+ PoW and PoS systems are designed to happily coexist, with favour slightly given to the PoW system
+ PoS system also intended to prevent 51% attacks
+ Coloured coins, e.g. for rewarding projects that you create arbitrarily
+ Ledger system for regular coins that allows for a lightweight version of the blockchain instead of having to download the entire blockchain

Feel free to peer-review/tear it apart. I will be the first to say that I'm pretty terrible at math, so please correct any mistakes I've made. I'd love to hear why you think it's a great/terrible idea, though. Obviously I anticipate there are a lot of problems with it that I couldn't foresee, so please help me out!

Please post your responses/criticisms in our forum. Thank you!